Sydosten art exhibition is an exhibition of artisans and
painter associated with the three south-eastern counties. To get
with so judged the works of a jury of art experts and high
trained teachers in various art forms.

I myself was in 1994 with 4 knives shown below, and in 1996 with 6 blades.

Another show that I was on, was 1997 in Simpvarp with invited artisans from Kalmar. 



This is from an art and craft exhibition in Mönsterås 2014 in 
may, that are aranged by Mönsterås Konstförening. This 
exhibition is wellknown and do always have lots of visitors. 
This exhibition was the best of the year. It was very appreciated
by the visitors. It is my knives that are in the stands.


This picture show a view from the exhibition. It is my exhibition stands. The local exhibition is located at the harbour in Mönsterås.