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The blades are made of carbon stelel that is
hardened and tempered to a suitable hardness.


This sheet is custom ordered by Dolk which
he makes
the engraving and later his design
of the



Surface treatment: Linear oil method and 
Maintenance: Oxides on the blade are 
removed with chrome powder. Wood 
and horn parts are serviced with a little 
boiled linseed oil. Leather is serviced with 
leather wax

Some simple rules: The knife is not stainless, which means that after use, the knife should be clean and dried dry before it is put back into the knife case. Let the back of the knife run along the inside. After a time of use, a gray surface on the knife forms an oxide that protects the knife. Black rust and red rust should be avoided, these oxides damage the knife. Use the fine eyebrow to tighten the knife.
Good luck with the knife.