My name is Sven Carlsson and I live in a small town called Trekanten.
My crafts are at the main to make knifes, but also silversmith, leather
works, woodworking and hobo craft.

hose knife blades I use to make knifes with I do made by my self of
feather steel 1770 or similar material. The knife blades are cut out and
hand filed and high polished. The blades are cured at the old pattern.

n other material I work with is it also possible to get these products
after your own wishes to some part.


Its possible to get your own model on knifes with your own motive on
the knife cover if you so wish, because of that I make the blades by my
The best merits I have are the art exhibition "Sydosten" 1994 and 1996
and also the art exhibition in Simpvarp 1997. I have also merits from
knife exhibitions in Ludvika.

If you have questions about my handcrafts, you are welcome to e-mail  me on 
the address
svencarlsson@knivsven.com so I will answer to you. 

Under here is links to friends and if you click on the pictures will you come 
to there sites.

To contact me use the e-mail below!

svencarlsson@knivsven.com, Phone:+46/2988444