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Blade: SC. Shaft: Gradient
klyck birch, birch bark,
buffalo horn, elk horn and
nickel silver. Cases: Hand
raw leather belt with
of owner's dog.


Blade: SC. Shaft: Gradient mauser
, birch bark, silver plated and
buffalo horn
. Cases: Hand
raw leather belt with
of a fly caught grayling.

 Blade: Damascus forged blades of AS. 
Toned vril birch, birch bark,
 buffalo horn, elk horn and nickel 
Cases: Hand Embossed raw  
band with scout mark.
  Belt: Buckle brass, cowhide and  
Owner obtained 
 Blade: Damascus forged blades of AS.
 Shaft: Tinted vril birch, birch bark,
 silver plated and moose. Cases: Hand 
leather raw band of owner's 
Belt: Buckle brass, cowhide and 
of the owner's pets.
 Blade: SC. Shaft: Curly Birch,
 birch bark, tin and buffalo horn.
 Cases: Raw Leather Band, leaf
 protection in wood with hand
Blade: SC. Shaft: Curly Birch, birch 
, tin and buffalo horn.
Cases: Hand Embossed raw leather  
with designs by the owner's dog.  
knife is delivered in 1997 and is  
with at all hunting. The knife is  
first with their own motives.
 Blade: SC, Shaft: Buffalo horn, birch, 
 birch bark
, tin
 Cases: Hand Embossed green stripe 
(own design) Finnish Hound
Hardened cabbage steel SC, flamb 
birch, buffalo horn, tin, elk horn and 
birch bones. Leaf length 11.5cm
Dagger case: Hand patterned valk leather with an inside of wood, motif of "Seälla"



Surface treatment: Linear oil method 
and wax
Maintenance: Oxides on the blade 
are removed with chrome powder. 
Wood and horn parts are serviced 
with a little boiled linseed oil. Leather 
is serviced with leather wax.


Some simple rules: The knife is not stainless, which means that after use, the knife should be clean and dried dry before it is put back into the knife case. Let the back of the knife run along the inside. After a time of use, a gray surface on the knife forms an oxide that protects the knife. Black rust and red rust should be avoided, these oxides damage the knife. Use the fine eyebrow to tighten the knife.
Good luck with the knife.